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Liberating Structures Immersion in Austin: Primer + Clinic

  • Austin, Texas USA (map)


Liberating Structures Primer Workshop and Clinic

Austin, Texas

Liberating Structures Primer December 3, Clinic December 4 + 5

8:30 am to 5:00 pm all three days

Coffee, tea, and lunch will be provided each day.

This workshop is sponsored by Ascension Seton and Alpinista Consulting.

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Liberating Structures seriously and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together. An ever-evolving repertoire of methods makes it possible to immediately include, engage, and unleash everyone. In this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in learning 20+ of the most versatile Liberating Structures and explore how we can work together to have better, deeper conversations, and make progress on our messiest, non-linear, and complex challenges.

This Workshop

1-Day Primer

A one-day workshop (December 3) for those new to Liberating Structures or those wanting to renew their practice. Immersion Workshops are designed in such a way that participants rapidly experience an extended number of Structures, and learn them by doing. They are purposefully intense, fun and inspiring.

2-Day Clinic

A two-day clinic (December 4+5) for those who have attended a primer workshop (including the one offered above) or have some experience using Liberating Structures in another setting. This is a deeper dive into Liberating Structures and your own practice, needs, and challenges. It’s about how to make Liberating Structures work for you.

Novices and experienced users are welcome! If you are new to LS, we ask that you participate in the Primer on December 3rd in order to participate in the clinic on December 4th and 5th.


About Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures (LS) compose a repertoire/pattern library of similarly designed methods for organizing generative interactions. There are many purposes and reasons to use LS- and the benefits are better experienced than described - but they reliably generate novel conversations with vulnerability and integrity, that give rise and give shape to new ways of knowing, relationship, intelligence, imagination, and creativity. 

The LS repertoire is purposefully curated and designed to be both modular (every method stands on its own) AND inter-connected (the methods build on, connect with, and can be strung together). Beyond that, the collection of LS serves as an example of what is possible when tending more rigorously to the underlying DNA of our interactions and pay careful attention to advancing certain principles. 

Design Group Members and Workshop Organizers

We have assembled a team to lead the workshop that should inspire both confidence and curiosity. Collectively, our group includes people who have been transforming the mental health sector, antiracism educators, modern dancers, community activists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, creatives, educators, social workers, process consultants, and improvisational structuralists. We all spend a lot of our time supporting leaders, teams and organizations to transition into ways of working together that unleash everybody’s potential, foster new solutions, and strengthen relationships.

We maintain a commitment to learning through practice and supporting communities to author their own experience. Our collaboration for this workshop is inspired by the mutual relationship that has been developed between us for the past 5+ years offering different learning experiences in Austin.

This workshop is co-organized by Anna Jackson, Fisher Qua, Nakia Winfield, Lynda Frost, Amanda Bowman, and Amy Brandes.