Photo credit: liz Berry-Hughey

Photo credit: liz Berry-Hughey


Anna Jackson, MSSW, founded Alpinista Consulting in 2014. Based in Austin, Texas, Anna specializes in strategic planning, capacity building, person-centered organizational change, program design and evaluation, and adventurous leadership development. Liberating Structures (LS) are participatory methods that are central to Alpinista's offerings. Anna first adopted the LS repertoire in 2011 and now teaches clients how to integrate LS into their everyday and strategic practices, using the repertoire to help individuals and groups imagine new possibilities for their work and move toward the future together. Ms. Jackson incorporates a social justice framework in her practice, and has worked in youth engagement, leadership development, experiential education, healthcare services and systems change, and international domestic violence and human trafficking prevention and intervention. Before Alpinista, Anna served as Deputy Director of Via Hope, an education and consultation center whose mission it is to transform the Texas mental health system into one that is person centered and recovery oriented. From 2011 to 2014, she led the development of their programs, managing collaborative learning initiatives that integrate implementation science and participatory change methods, helping organizational teams work with complexity while implementing practices like peer support and person centered planning. She holds a Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology from the University of California, Davis. As a young adult, Anna led experiential youth leadership programs in the Sierra Nevada. These formative experiences contributed to her passion for approaches that emphasize collective, distributive, and participatory leadership, and led her to complexity science and Liberating Structures, essential elements of Alpinista’s offerings.

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