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The College for Behavioral Health Leadership: Summit 2018


Our work as behavioral health leaders happens in the broader contexts of population health and behavior change. This reality both requires our attention and demands our expertise. We must assess and consider whose voices have the power and position to influence decisions in clinical practice and policy processes. Whose voices can we hear clearly? Who is absent from the table? Who needs an invitation? What can’t we see clearly? Who can help change that?

#metoo + #timesup + #blacklivesmatter + #studentsagainstguns

What story does each of these powerful social movements tell? How and where do they intersect with our work and reframe the way we lead? How will they inform us moving forward as we consider where we live and how we work?

The effective promotion of healthy communities requires us to consider the intersection of power, privilege, and the many realms of diversity for which we know health equity is largely dependent – race, geography, generation, ability, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and more. Let’s do it together. 

Join us for Summit in Richmond at Virginia Union University (VUU) for the kind of rich and critical dialogue we all expect at this annual gathering. VUU is an historically black college, founded in 1865 to give newly emancipated slaves an opportunity for education and advancement. Its powerful history will not be lost on us as we gather and explore these important questions.

Participants will:

  • Cultivate relationships with behavioral health leaders from every corner and system in our country.
  • Explore the roles of multiple behavioral health sectors in producing and reversing inequity in health and wellbeing.
  • Develop skills for leading in complex and changing environments.